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On board weighing systems for trucks

We are leaders in the field of on-board weighing systems for all types of industrial trucks. Thanks to our cutting-edge technology and vast experience in the sector, we offer precise and reliable weight detection solutions that apply to many sectors, from construction to transport, from logistics to excavations, from the handling of aggregates to port activities, forestry and mining.

Our devices offer countless advantages:

Operational efficiency

The accuracy of real-time on-board weighing allows for more accurate load distribution and more efficient use of the vehicle, to ensure that vehicles do not exceed legally permitted weight limits.

Road safety

Operating with a compliant load is of vital importance for road safety and to comply with current regulations. Exceeding weight limits can result in heavy fines and put the stability of the vehicle at risk, causing dangerous accidents.

Cost reduction

Accurate weighing helps you avoid fines for overloading, reduce fuel consumption and tire wear. Using your vehicle in the best operating conditions helps save on maintenance.

Environmental sustainability

having on-board weighing systems helps improve transport efficiency, which leads to lower fuel consumption and fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Documentation and Traceability

Weighing data can be recorded and used for documentation, traceability and reporting purposes. This data is useful for materials management and administrative purposes.

The installation of an on-board weighing system on all types of trucks is an investment that improves the competitiveness and reliability of transport operations, regardless of the sector in which you operate. Our experienced team is available to customize a solution that is perfectly suited to your specific needs.